Week of Feb. 1, 2010

February 7, 2010 at 5:36 pm (weekly report)

I read a lot more than I get around to reviewing – and a lot of the time it’s re-reads.  Here’s how it looks.

Exile’s Honor (2002) and Exile’s Valor (2003), by Mercedes Lackey (re-reads)

Arrows of the Queen (1987), Arrow’s Flight (1987), Arrow’s Fall (1988), by Mercedes Lackey (re-reads)

Reserved for the Cat (The Elemental Masters, Book Five) (2007) by Mercedes Lackey (from the library – amusing)

Winds of Fate (1991) (Mage Winds trilogy, Vol. 1) by Mercedes Lackey (partial re-read – decided I wasn’t in a Lackey mood any more and switched to something else)

The God Engines (2009) by John Scalzi (from the library – VERY disturbing)

The Unicorn Evils (2010) (Shadow Unit) by Emma Bull and Elizabeth Bear (online item; don’t bother trying to read it unless you’ve read the previous episodes … or then again, maybe it’ll hurt less if you haven’t)

Dragon Games (2010) (The Books of Umber #2) by P. W. Catanese (from the library; as ever, Catanese delivers a lively YA/Teen fantasy adventure)


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