The potato question

March 28, 2012 at 11:34 am (WTF?)

A text addict, of course, will read anything.  Which explains why I was eating breakfast the other day and reading the back of a potato chip bag that somebody left on the table.

It doesn’t explain, though, why I read “It all starts with farm-grown potatoes” (bold type in original).

I mean, what other kinds of potatoes are there?  Ghetto-grown potatoes, planted in concrete and asphalt and watered with despair, ambling down the street with their pants around their knees?  Suburban lawn potatoes, hyper-fertilized, well-clipped, and dressed in expensive worsted suits? Or perhaps the dreaded mall-raised potatoes, nourished by consumerist ideology and florescent lighting, tottering along in high heels and way too much eye makeup?

Seriously, marketing people.  Are you even trying to make sense any more?


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