About the Text Addict

Eclectic, Multifarious & Diverse

This a blog about books and all things related to them.   The Text Addict reads voraciously but not omnivorously – there will be a lot of mystery, fantasy, and science fiction books discussed here, along with a healthy smattering of nonfiction (books on religion and contemporary culture especially), but romances and westerns are not likely to make an appearance, and the mainstream fiction genre will be poorly represented.   The Text Addict is perfectly happy to read juvenile-level fiction as well as the adult stuff.

The Text Addict prefers to remain anonymous, but  is definitely not a publishing professional of any sort.

The Text Addict has a low tolerance for obnoxiousness, and is the only one who gets to define what “obnoxious” is.  You have been warned.

Want me to review your book? Get your agent or publisher’s marketing department to contact me through gmail, where I’m diaryofatextaddict@.

No, I won’t review your self-published book.  No, I won’t review your book if it’s published through AuthorHouse or PublishAmerica or similar [libelous phrase deleted] outfit.  Either would require me giving some total stranger my home address – so, no.

Want advice about writing or publishing? Go to Writer Beware, Preditors & Editors, a critique group (the Online Writing Workshop is pretty good for speculative fiction writers), professional organizations like the Science Fiction Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, Horror Writers Association, and/or the blogs of talkative writers, editors, or agents whose work you admire.  Don’t bother me, I’m a text addict, not a publishing professional.

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