The Text Addict’s Treatment Program

May 26, 2009 at 12:26 pm (Treatment Program)

I have a lot of books piled up around my bedroom.  I’ve moved them all off the floor, but that just means all non-floor surfaces are covered.  So:

No more new books, or even new library books, until I go through some of my “to be read” collection!!!

So the first pile consists of:

Genealogy Online for Dummies (novel research)
Keeping Passover (religious studies)
Subjects Unto the Same King (scholarly topic research)
Magazine of History, June 2008 (general history)
Interzone, June 2009 (fiction)
The Legend of Sigurd & Gudrun (fiction or ancient literature or poetry?)
Tribe, Race, History (scholarly topic research)
Finding Anyone, Anywhere, Anywhen (novel research)

… and that’s not counting the much larger pile across the room.  Should keep me busy for a bit.  And reduce some of the clutter around here!

(What, did you think I was going to give up reading?  You silly!)


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