Index of Reviews

Aaron, RachelThe Legend of Eli Monpress (2012)

Adams, RichardWatership Down (1972)

Arnold, Louise. Golden & Grey (An Unremarkable Boy and a Rather Remarkable Ghost)

Austen, Jane.  Emma (1816)

Banks, Dakota. Dark Time

Bear, Elizabeth.  Range of Ghosts (2012)

Beckett, Galen. The House on Durrow Street (2010)

Blake, Heather.  It Takes a Witch (2012)

Block, Lawrence. A Walk Among the Tombstones

Brady, Jacklyn.  A Sheetcake Named Desire (2011)

Brett, Peter V. The Warded Man

Britain, Kristen.  The High King’s Tomb (2007)

Cashore, Kristin. Graceling (2008) and Fire (2009)

Catanese, P.W.  The End of Time (Books of Umber #3) (2011)

Colfer, Eoin. Artemis Fowl and Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident

Connolly, Harry. Child of Fire (2009)

Dexter, Susan.  The Prince of Ill Luck (1994)

Downum, Amanda. The Drowning City (2009)

Duane, Diane. The Tale of the Five

Eddings, David & Leigh. Comments in memoriam

The Editors of Cook’s Country Magazine. America’s Best Lost Recipes

Evans, Chris. A Darkness Forged in Fire

Ferris, Monica.  Threadbare (2011)

Fluke, Joanne. Cherry Cheesecake Murder

Foster, Alan Dean.  The I Inside (1984); Splinter of the Mind’s Eye (1978)

Fox, Helen.  Eager (2004)

Francis, Dick. Banker; Rat Race; In Memoriam;

Garwood, Christine. Flat Earth:  The History of an Infamous Idea (2007)

Gilman, Laura Anne. Blood from Stone (2009)

Goldman, Ari L. The Search for God at Harvard (1991)

Grossman, LevThe Magician King (2011)

Hamilton, Barbara.  The Ninth Daughter (2009);

Hunt, Stephen. The Court of the Air (2007)

Jinks, Catherine. Evil Genius; Genius Squad

Kagan, Janet. Hellspark (1988)

Kay, Guy GavrielUnder Heaven (2010)

Kelly, Sofie.  Sleight of Paw (2011)

Kenyon, Sherrilyn.  Born of Shadows (A League Novel) (2011)

Kollin, Dani and Kollin, Eytan.  The Unincorporated Man (2009)

Kushner, Ellen. The Privilege of the Sword (2006)

Lackey, Mercedes. One Good Knight; Unnatural Issue (2011)

LaFevers, R. L. Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos and Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris; Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus (2010);

Landy, Derek. Skulduggery Pleasant (2007)

Malan, Violette. The Sleeping God (2007)

Moon, Elizabeth. Hunting Party (1993); multiple SF books by Moon;

Nix, Garth. Mister Monday (2003)

Parker, Bruce.  The Power of the Sea (2010)

Pasternak, Judy.  Yellow Dirt: An American Story of a Poisoned Land and a People Betrayed (2010)

Pierce, Tamora. The Immortals Quartet; Protector of the Small Quartet;

Pratchett, Terry.The Wee Free Men; Night Watch

Redick, Robert V. S. The Red Wolf Conspiracy

Reynolds, Sheri. A Gracious Plenty (1997)

Ringo, John.  Citadel (2011)

Riordan, Rick. The Titan’s Curse and The Battle of the Labyrinth ; The Last Olympian (2009); The Red Pyramid (2010)

Rosett, Sara. Moving is Murder

Sanderson, Brandon.  Elantris (2005)

Scalzi, John.  Fuzzy Nation (2011)

Scholes, Ken. Lamentation (2009)

Smith, Sherwood.  The King’s Shield (2008)

Springer, Nancy. The Case of the Missing Marquess; The Case of the Left-Handed Lady; The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets; The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan (2008)

Stevermer, Caroline. Sorcery & Cecelia, Or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot

Stroud, Jonathan.  The Ring of Solomon (2010)

Sullivan, Michael J.  The Riyria Revelations (2011/2012)

Tchaikovsky, Adrian.  Empire in Black and Gold (2010)

Thurlo, Aimée & David. Coyote’s Wife

van Eekhout, Greg. Norse Code (2009)

Washburn, Livia J.  A Peach of a Murder (2006)

Watson, Wendy Lyn.  A Parfait Murder (2011)

Weber, DavidHonor Harrington series; Out of the Dark (2010)

Wells, MarthaThe Cloud Roads (2011)

Wrede, Patricia C. Sorcery & Cecelia, Or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot

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